Interior Decoration : Interior design combines furniture, fabrics, colors, textures and styles that are carefully selected to craft a specific look in your home and in each individual room. The same room can look completely different with each combination to satisfy the tastes of the room’s occupants, and to provide the most functionality for their lifestyle.

Furniture : Household equipment designed for a variety of purposes. It may be made of wood, metal, plastics, marble, glass, fabrics, and related materials. It ranges from the simple pine chest or country chair to the elaborate marquetry-work cabinet or gilded console table. It is usually movable, though it can be built-in, as are kitchen cabinets and bookcases. It can either reveal or hide how it was constructed, and it can be highly stylized. The design and building of furniture is related to both architecture and interior design.

Office Interior : Our company is one of the very well known companies in the area of interior designs. We are offering various type of interior decoration for offices. We are offering an exclusive look to the office which looks very attarective and exclusive. Our company provides top class service or different range of colors combination, textures, fabrics, furniture for the space of office interior. We are offering the interior for offices with an affordable price.

Modular Kitchen : We offer stylish modular kitchen which is stylish and trendy. This stylish modular kitchen is made using finest quality material. This modular kitchen has various racks and cabinets which are provided to arrange the various kichen utensils.

Wooden Flooring : We offer an assortment of services for Wooden Flooring. These flooring services like laminated wooden flooring find applications in rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and office rooms. We offer wooden flooring services in varied polish as per the specificationns of our clients. Moreover, these floorings are easy to wash, water resistant and durable. As these floors are easy to clean, there is less probability of any dirt and dust sticking to the sealed surface

Construction Work : Work performed at a construction site in erecting buildings and structures. Construction work may be general or specialized. General construction work is classified according to the materials being used or processed or according to the structures being built as reinforcement placement, concreting, earthwork, masonry, roofing, finishing, carpentry, piling work, erection and installation, and other types. Specialized work includes waterproofing, heat insulating, sanitary-engineering work, and electrical installation work. Some construction work is designated according to the parts or components of the buildings and structures being erected, for example, cribbing, furnace work, and flooring, or according to environmental characteristics, for example, winter work, underground work, and underwater work.

Renovation : Renovation describes a series of planned changes and updates made to a facility where business is conducted. Office and building renovation is a common undertaking in today’s competitive business environment. Process of restoring materiel to, or nearly to, its original condition by cleaning, painting, or similar methods. Restoration of ammunition to serviceable condition by operations more extensive or hazardous than routine ammunition maintenance; normally involves replacement of components.


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